Star Wars Dark Empire Set of 6 Comics

Dark Horse Comics - The Emperor is back! Boba Fett is back! Six years after Endor, the Rebel Alliance finds itself again at war with the Imperials who have rallied around the reincarnated Emperor. This time they must face a technology more awesome than the Death Star, the World Devastators. To make matters worse, Luke has taken his father's place at the Emperor's side as commander of the Imperial forces! Can Luke resist the Dark Side and defeat the Emperor from within? Can Han, Leia, and Chewbacca survive the pursuit of Boba Fett and save Luke from the Dark Side? This storyline is beautifully rendered by Cam Kennedy and is a major piece of Star Wars continuity referred to in numerous novels. 

Never opened or read.  Included is the backer board and in poly bag.

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Star Wars Dark Empire Set of 6 Comics

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